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Saturday, September 02, 2006

DVD: Aeon Flux

There is a theory that some films are so bad that they are good. Films with farcical plots, terrible acting and shaky sets that remind you of the cheap antics of directors like Ed Wood. Aeon Flux is not a film that supports this argument. It is crushingly mediocre in all departments, with blank acting performances, cliched storylines and dull production design.

The basic set-up is that four hundred years into the future a virus has wiped out all bar a final outpost of human civilisation, that lives separated from the rampant nature that has over-run the rest of the planet. Here they live in a perfect world, that resembles a fashionable shampoo advert. However something dark is happening beneath the surface and Aeon Flux sets out to find out what.

As it limps from one tired set-piece to another you wonder whether the film was every properly scripted or whether they just filmed the thing following an early brainstorming session. Aeon Flux, so bad it's bad.

Friday, September 01, 2006

DVD: Capote

A quiet and focussed view of the climax of Truman Capote's career, this is a film that bucks the trend of recent biopics by eschewing the traditional three act structure and rewarding those who know about the subject.