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Monday, August 09, 2004

4 line films: The Stepford Wives

The wives of Stepford have a secret, so proclaims the poster
Their men have turned them into robots, using pieces of a toaster
Now they are a model of mindless, vacuous, smiling charm
But if you leave them unattended they set off the smoke alarm

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4 line films: Catwoman

Halle dons a costume that leaves little to the mind
The critics who have seen the film have all been so unkind
They say it should be buried in a mound of kitty litter
But Halle wants a sequel so she's clearly no quitter

4 line films: I, robot

Beware the evil robots, even while they walk your dog
Beware the evil robots, even though they do your slog
But if you're name is Asimov, beware this film even more
For what they've done to your book, should be against the law

4 line films: King Arthur

When the makers said this is the true story of King Arthur
They must have been greeted with massive howls of laughter
Since the facts they've based the story on were ever so teeny
That they believe that Guinivere wore a leather fighting bikini